Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers – Win Free Gift Coupons

Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers – Dukes Waffy Riddle Number, Dukes Waffy Contest For How to Participate in the Dukes Waffy Contest and Stand a Chance to Win Free Gift Card Coupons & Vouchers. Also, Top 10 Winners Sin Duke’s gift coupons daily and send them to your email address. Given below are Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers

The New Dukes Waffy Contest for its quiz answers Contest for joining the quiz game and playing and winning rewards. For a very easy and simple contest. Amazon Quiz Answers Today And Win Rewards

Dukes will gift a coupon to the Top 10 winners by mail. Duke’s will appreciate permission to use customer photographs on social media for Top 10 of the day. 

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Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers

How to Participate in Quiz Answers Dukes Waffy Contest and Win Free Gift Coupons

1. First Of All, Visit the Link on Dukes Waffy Contest 

2. Open this link on your default browser and to the participants in Waffy Contest 

3. Enter your details to participate in the quiz answers and Win Free Gift Voucher

4. Fill in From: Your Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Age, Male, Select State, Select City, Pin Codes

5. Tick to Box And Agree to All Terms & Conditions and Let’s See Submit Now

Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers

6. Please enter the riddle number mentioned on your waffy engagement pack to participate in the quiz.

Riddle number is: 13

7. Enter Riddle Number With Click on Next Button

Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers

8. If you can Answering the 5 Easy Question Answers below all answers added.

9. All the answers submitted and today’s list of top 10 winners name the next screen.

10. You Will Get a Chance to Win Free Gift Card Coupons & Vouchers for Lucky Users and send by email address.

Dukes Waffy Contest Quiz Answers

Q1. When things go wrong, what can you always count on?

And: Your fingers

Q2. What has a head, a tail, is brown, but no legs?

And: Coin

Q3. What do mathematics teachers like to eat?

And: Pi(e)

Q4. What does one math book say to another?

And: I Have so many problems

Q4. Where do fish keep their money?

And: In the riverbank

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