Dhani One Freedom Card Promo Code – Cashback Rs.400 Instant

Dhani One Freedom Card – Dhani OneFreedom Card Offer, Dhani One Freedom Card Promo Code, Dhani One Freedom Card Promocode, Dhani One Freedom Card Referral Code, Dhani OneFreedom Refer & Earn for How to Active Dhani OneFreeDom Credit Card to Available Credit Limit Rs.50,000 Upto Instant and Using Your Dhani Freedom Card With Credit Limit 0% Interest Rate and Earn Cashback in Dhani Wallet.

You Can Shop Now & Pay later at your favorite Store and Earn Cashback on All Spends using your card credit limit. Now, Pai in 3 Installments for use Dhani Onefreedom card credit limit for any payments.

What is Dhani OneFreedom? Dhani OneFreedom gives you the power of Wealth and Health in a single product with a unique offering of Credit Line and Dhani Doctor subscription. Benefits include:

  • Credit Line facility to maximize your purchases using the Dhani Pay Rupay card or on Dhani app
  • Free Dhani Doctor subscription
  • Free Dhani Pay Rupay Card
  • Earn Cashbacks
Dhani One Freedom Card

Dhani One Freedom Card Promo Code – Cashback Rs.400 Instant

1. Download Dhani App to Link Here:-

2. Attention Please – Sign Up With New Dhani Account & Free ₹150 Cashback Instant

3. Existing Dhani User > Login Your Account Now

4. Dhani Home Dashboard > Dhani OneFreedom Credit Card Is Here Now

Dhani One Freedom Card

5. You Can Active This OneFreeDom Card & Fill The Documentation

Dhani One Freedom Card

6. Apply Dhani One Freedom Card Promocode & Earn Cashback

7. Dhani Freedom PromoCode – NEW400 / PP400

8. Avail Your Are Credit Card Limit to Fill Some Basic Details and Congratulations! Up to ₹50,000 Credit Limit Available

9. Click On Continue Button > Enter Aadhaar Card Number to Link Mobile Number and With Verify OTP

10. Fill In The Bank Account Details For Bank Account Number, IFSC Code and Don’t Warry Not Be Automatic Debited and Not Any issue

11. Now, Final Step For The Pay You Monthly Subscription Fee of Rs.199 / Rs.299 to Active Credit Card Limit Immediately.

12. You Are Done Successfully Payments and Use Complete The First Transaction and We Will Get Rs.400 Cashback Instant in Dhani Wallet

13. the First Transaction to Use The Freedom Credit Card Minimum Rs.500

14. After The Received Cashback and Transfer You are Dhani Wallet to Bank Account (2% Charges) Also, Another Article to Dhani Wallet To Bank Transfer

Dhani OneFreedoma Refer & Earn Flat Rs.1000 Per Referral

Refer OneFreedom Card With Credit limit at 0% interest at 0% interest rate for you referral amount gets credited when you friends make transactions of more than Rs.300 you can refer & Earn Now.

Hey – I am using Dhani and it is simply amazing. You should also try taking Dhani One Freedom card which gives 0% interest loan and also allows anytime doctor consultation within seconds and one hour delivery of medicines at 50% discount – all for a small monthly fee of only Rs.199, probably that’s why 2.5 crore people use Dhani. Download it from here 

How do I avail Dhani OneFreedom?

1. Visit the app and click the OneFreedom tile

2. Provide your basic details such as PAN, dob, current income, etc and get your Super Saver Credit Line Eligibility

3. Perform online Aadhaar based KYC or upload KYC documents

4. Select subscription plan and accept terms and conditions

5. Take a Selfie

6. Set-up mandate for monthly subscription fee deduction as well as loan payment deduction.

7. Mandate can be set-up using Netbanking, Debit Card, Aadhaar Number or Physical download method as supported by different banks

Why am I charged Re 1 for standing instruction set-up?

This is standard Re. 1 drop to verify and set up your standing instruction followed as a common practice across industries.

How do I pay my next subscription fees?

Relax. Since you’ve set up a mandate with us, subscription fees as per the plan chosen by you will be charged hassle-free and automatically until canceled

Can I cancel my Subscription?

Cancellations can happen through the app. You can choose the Cancel option to cancel your OneFreedom subscription. Your cancellation will be effective immediately and all your OneFreedom benefits will be deactivated immediately.

You may choose to reactivate your OneFreedom plan anytime before your next billing date for free or by paying your subscription fee after the billing date is passed.

Please note that the OneFreedom plan cannot be deactivated if you have performed transactions using your Credit Line or your OneFreedom related loans are active

Can I modify my credit line for OneFreedom plan?

You will have to option to upgrade or downgrade your credit line depending on the credit line plan you are currently availing of and plans offered to you

What is my billing cycle?

Your billing cycle will be 1 month from the day your credit line plan gets activated and your first payment is deducted. E.g. if your plan gets activated on 19th Oct and your first subscription fee is deducted on 20th Oct then your billing cycle will be 20th of every month. Please note, billing cycles may change if you cancel your subscription and reactivate them

How do I repay transactions performed using the credit line of OneFreedom?

Payback in 3 easy Payments. All your daily online & offline transactions will be payable in 3 interest-free Payments. Your 1st Payment will be deducted on the next day of your transaction and the remaining 2 Payments will be deducted on the same date of the next two months.

For Example, purchase done on the 23rd of November 2020 will be payable in 3 Payment as:

Where can I see my transactions performed using the credit line of OneFreedom?

You can view all your transactions on the Dhani app in the OneFreedom section by tapping on View Details option.

Is there any limit on transaction amount or number of transaction for using credit line?

Yes, credit line usage criteria will apply in form of the maximum allowable amount for a transaction and the number of allowable transactions per day. To view the usage criteria tap on OneFreedom Banner on Dhani App

Where can I see all my loans booked for transactions using the credit line of OneFreedom?

You can view all your loans booked for your OneFreedom related transactions on the Dhani app in the OneFreedom section by tapping on the View Details option

How much Cashback is available in Dhani OneFreedom?

You can enjoy instant 2% cashback on petrol, grocery, shopping, online orders, food, and all spending.

What is the Dhani Doctor plan that I am eligible for?

As part of OneFreedom, you are eligible for the Individual plan of Dhani Doctor with free 24×7 video consultations from our esteemed list of impaneled doctors

Can I foreclose my loans created for transactions performed using the credit line of OneFreedom?

Yes, you can foreclose your loan associated with Dhani OneFreedom. Foreclosure related T&Cs will apply

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