Deciml App Referral Code : ARDH0004 – FREE ₹50 In Bank Account Instant

Deciml App Referral Code is ARDH0004 – Get ₹50 Free Sign Up Bonus and Refer and Earn ₹50 as per sign up an account Using Deciml App Referral Code and get the referral bonus now. Claim Free Rewards Worth ₹50 In your bank account directly credited now.

Hey, I’ve just started using Deciml and I think you’ll enjoy it! It’s an app that automatically invests your spare change, every time you spend online. You can use my referral link to download the app, and my referral code ARDH0004 to get started. Happy investing!

Let’s Go to Activate your spare change investments in 2 simple steps following below here. 

Step 1 – Set up an account SEBI needs you to verify PAN/Aadhaar for complete security Step 2 Start auto-invest type in your UPI ID, to make all investments automatic

Deciml App Referral Code
Deciml App Referral CodeARDH0004
Sign UpFREE Rs.50 Rewards
Refer & EarnRs.50 As Per Referral
Set-Up Auto-Pay

How to Use Deciml App Referral Code : ARDH0004 – Set-Up Auto-Pay & FREE ₹50 In Bank Account Instant

1. First Of All, Download Deciml App From the Play Store To the Link here:

2. Install / Open this app and Get Started to Sign Up Button and Complete your Create a New Account

Deciml App Referral Code

3. Enter your Mobile Number and Continue to Verify With OTP by your mobile number

Deciml App Referral Code

4. Done It Please Click on Okay Button for Mobile Number verified Successfully

5. Enter Your full name as a pan card same match here your name and click on the next continue button here 

Deciml App Referral Code

6. Allow Auto Start Permission on your settings and get must be important enter Deciml Referral Code

Deciml App Referral Code – ARDH0004

Deciml App Referral Code

7. After applying Referral Code Verify now referral code now and get the referral bonus ₹50

8. Wow! Your Rewards Receive and Continue to Claim Your Reward of ₹50

Deciml App Referral Code

9. Now, Let’s See Activate to Claim Your Rewards, and let’s go to the next two simple step

10. Now, Login Your Google Account and Next Complete your full KYC via a verified account by pan card

Deciml App Referral Code

11. Enter Pan Card Number, Date Of Birth and Select Gender And Verify Pan to Secure Details and Set-up the Account

Deciml App Referral Code

12. Please Confirm your personal details and continue to set up Autopay

13. Account set-up was successful. You are now only 1 step away AutoPay from activating your investment 

14. Enter your Paytm UPI ID, Select UPI Format by Paytm, Amazon Pay, PhonePe and Set-up auto pay and start automatic investment now.

15. Then Click on Setup ₹1500 and It will deduct only ₹1 to Set Up UPI Auto Pay

16. You can check the UPI link Paytm bank account then debit get ₹1 in your bank account

17. Go to the Home Dashboard section in the app and click on Transaction and we will Reward You ₹50 Sign Up Bonus received in PayTM Bank Automatically.

Please Note: After the rewards are received you can cancel the auto-pay method now by Go To PayTM > Profile > Auto Payments & UPI > Cancel Deciml Auto Payment

Deciml Refer and Earn ₹50 As Per Claim Rewards Referral

  1. Home dashboard section in the app now
  2. Go to 3 line menu section option
  3. Click on Share With Earn Friends
  4. Share now referral link with referral code by friends from WhatsApp, telegram & etc.
  5. You Will, Earn a rewards of ₹50 as per Successful referral now
Deciml App Refer and Earn

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