CoinDCX Referral Contest – Win Crypto Awards Worth ₹3,00,000

CoinDCX Referral Contest – How to You Can Joining this New CoinDCX Referral Contest for CoinDCX Refer Reward Repeat! Stand a Chance to Win Crypto Awards Worth ₹3,00,000 Prizes. you can just simple task to Complete eligible this Contest just CoinDCX Refer & Earn to Win Crypto Awards Worth ₹3,00,000 So, Amazing Contest this Valid till 7 Days Only. Don’t Forget New CoinDCX Coupon Code Today!

Crypto is Dhamaka 2021 and 2022 Coming to The Biggest Year-End Referral Contest and winning Crypto Awards Worth ₹3,00,000. Refer Reward Repeat. Refer Reward Repeat Week! The biggest year-end referral contest is here. get an extra referral on every additions referral. Top Referrers can win up to 3 lakhs worth of additional rewards!

Holidays are knocking at our doors and we wanted you to have fun way before they begin. We hail all the crypto investors and traders to get their squad ready and have a crypto jam before the holiday season begins with Refer.Reward.Repeat from 16th December 2021 to 22nd December 2021! 

As the name suggests, share your referral link with your friends and family, get them on board and help them complete a few steps and repeat the steps to win additional referral rewards. The more the merrier! The more you refer the more you earn. Coindcx Loot: Refer and Earn 3 Lakh Rs | Refer 3 Person Get 800 Rs Crypto  ( 16Dec -22 Dec)

CoinDCX Referral Contest

CoinDCX Refer Reward Repeat!

ReferralsWin Crypto
Signup Using Link / Coupon CodeGet ₹201 BTC Referral Amount
Refer 3 PersonGet ₹800 ETH Crypto
Refer 4 PersonGet ₹1150 ETH Crypto
Refer 5 PersonGet ₹1500 ETH Crypto
Refer 6 – 10 PersonGet ₹2.6k – ₹3k ETH Crypto
Refer 10 -20 PersonGet ₹6.1k – ₹7k ETH Crypto
Top Referrals Can Win UptoAwards Worth ₹3,00,000 Crypto

What are the rewards we have in store for you? Here is the list of additional crypto rewards you will be eligible to over your usual Crypto reward worth ₹100 for every friend you get on board. The steps that must be followed during the 7-day long contest are:

CoinDCX Referral Contest

CoinDCX Referral Contest – Win Crypto Awards Worth ₹3,00,000

1. Firstly, Download CoinDCX App for Click to Link Here

2. Sign Up / Login Your Coin DCX Account

The New CoinDCX Users For You Can for Create Account and Applied CoinDCX Coupon Code and Get FREE 1000 BTC (Bitcoins) Must Be Offer Apply Now

3. Go-to Your Account TAB Section and Click on Invite & Earn Option Now

4. Invite your Friends & Family and You Can Participate in this Refer Refer Reward Repeat Week Contest

5. Share your unique Referral Link with your friends and family

6. The referred friends must complete their KYC and place the 1st order to become eligible 

7. The tasks must be completed during the 7 days of the contest.

8. Rewards will be reflected in the wallet within 4-5 business days after the end of the contest. 

9. Receive additional rewards from 3rd successful referral. 

10. Get 10 or more people on board and compete for the grand prize.

11. If you thought this was all that we had in store for you, well, you are wrong! The top referrers of the contest stand a chance to win crypto rewards worth ₹3,00,000! 

12. Here is what the winners can win! Mark your calendars and get the squad ready because you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

PositionCrypto Reward Worth INR
1st Runner UpRs.50,000
2nd Runner UpRs.25,000
4th – 10th PositionRs.10,000
11th – 20th PositionRs.5000
CoinDCX Referral Contest

Rules for Refer Reward Repeat, CoinDCX Referral Contest

1. Share your unique Referral Link with your friends and family

2. Help them to complete their KYC and place the 1st order on CoinDCX within these 7 days. 

3. Receive additional rewards from 3rd successful referral. 

4. Get 10 or more people on board and compete for the grand prize. 

5. Top referrers at the end of the competition will get a chance to win crypto rewards worth ₹3,00,000!

6. This was everything we had to tell you. Get going, the rewards are waiting for you.

FAQs Refer Reward Repeat!:

Q.1.What is the Contest duration?

The competition duration is from December 16, 2021, till December 22, 2021.

Q.2.What do I need to do to be eligible for the additional rewards?

Share your unique Referral Link with your friends and family and help them complete their KYC and place their 1st order on CoinDCX within these 7 days. On getting 3 or more successful referrals you would be in the running for these additional rewards.

Q.3.Are these rewards over and above the standard INR 100/ ETH Referral Rewards?

Yes, these rewards are over and above your standard Referral Rewards.

Q.4.When will the rewards be credited to my wallet?

All contest rewards to the eligible participants will be distributed within 3 business days from the end of the Referral Competition.

Q.5.How many friends can I invite with my link?

You can invite as many friends as you want to CoinDCX using your unique referral link and earn the rewards.

Q.6. What are the terms and conditions of this contest?

Read the complete TnC of Refer.Reward.Repeat.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Referral Competition (“the Program”) shall be valid from 16th December 2021 till 22nd December 2021.

2. This Program is only applicable for users who are Indian citizens and are at least 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as “User”). The Users should ensure that they have successfully registered on CoinDCX and completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities along with any other procedure(s) as may be mandated by CoinDCX. In case it is discovered that a User who has been rewarded under the Program, has not completed the relevant KYC formalities, CoinDCX shall at its sole discretion, reserve the right to delay, block or nullify any rewards under the Program, whether they have been declared or not. Withdrawals of any rewards, cryptocurrencies or INR wallet balance shall not be permitted unless KYC has been completed by the User.

3. Employees of Primestack Pte. Ltd and/or Neblio Technologies Pvt. Limited or any of their subsidiary/ affiliates shall not be eligible for this Program. 

4. CoinDCX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, modify or cancel the Program at any time with or without notice.

5. The User shall always comply with the Terms of Use governing the CoinDCX website or any of its platforms. CoinDCX or any of the Program managers shall have a right to withdraw or cancel any portion of award or benefit granted under this Program.

6. The User understands and agrees that the prices of cryptocurrencies are prone to fluctuations on account of economic/ market forces or any other causes. CoinDCX does not provide any guarantee or commitment on the quantity of the Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency which would be credited, and the quantity shall be derived basis the real-time value or price of Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency prevailing at the time when the reward is being credited to the account of a User who has been declared as a winner by CoinDCX.

7. A ‘Referral’ would be considered successful for rewards under the Program if the person who has been referred by any User is an ‘Eligible User’. In the context of the Program, ‘Eligible User’ shall mean any User who has completed the KYC upon registering on the CoinDCX platform and purchased any cryptocurrency listed on CoinDCX during the Validity Period.

8. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that while the reward for the Program is in INR worth of Crypto(as per the reward slab published by CoinDCX), CoinDCX may at any time opt to release any reward-based payout in any other digital asset/ cryptocurrencies. 

9. CoinDCX and/or any of its affiliates do not make any representation or warranty regarding the quality, efficiency or functioning of any product given as a reward under this Program and the User hereby understands that the rewards may include any product manufactured or serviced by any third party. CoinDCX disclaims all liability associated in respect of any quality, functioning, durability, efficiency etc. of any product given as a reward under the Program.

10. CoinDCX shall have the sole right and discretion to decide and declare the winner under the Program including in a situation of tie between two or more Users. The User hereby waives all rights to dispute any decision of CoinDCX in this regard and CoinDCX does not undertake any liability, responsibility or guarantee towards any User. 

11. CoinDCX shall have a right to deduct any transaction or platform costs or any other charges incurred by CoinDCX while crediting the rewards to the User who has been declared a winner under the Program.

12. The User shall comply with all applicable laws including all the applicable taxation laws. The User shall be liable to pay all applicable taxes, or any other costs or charges levied by any statutory or government authority in relation to any withdrawal or transfer of any rewards credited to the User under the Program. 

13. CoinDCX holds all rights to revoke the reward or any rights therein in case of any fraud, breach of network security, misrepresentation, negligence, breach of applicable law or terms herein by any User.

14. The User agrees to indemnify Primestack Pte. Limited, Neblio Technologies Pvt. Limited and/or their affiliates, subsidiary, employees, officers, representatives for any losses, damages, expenses, liabilities, claims, charges, costs including any legal costs incurred by or resulting to Primestack Pte. Limited, Neblio Technologies Pvt. Limited  and/or their affiliates, subsidiary, employees, officers, representatives, due to any breach of the Terms of Use or any terms contained herein by the User or any person acting under the User or claiming to be the User. 

15. Any disputes arising out of the Program shall be subject to arbitration conducted as per the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of arbitration shall be at Mumbai and language of arbitration shall be English. Subject to the foregoing, the courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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