CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer – FREE ₹1000 Free Crypto Balance

CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer – CoinDCX 10ON10 Offer , CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Contest for Get ₹1000 INR Crypto Balance Free Absolutely for invest Exactly Worth ₹550 daily between 9th Feb to 18th Feb 2022. You, Will, Get different Crypto every day worth ₹100 INR. Don’t Forget CoinDCX Coupon Code

You Can Check CoinDCX Email to Receive the CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer For Participate Now. Invest Exactly Worth ₹550 daily between 9th Feb to 18th Feb 22. You, Will, Get Different Crypto Worth ₹100 For Everyday For Total Earn ₹1000 INR Crypto Balance.

The New CoinDCX Exclusive Offer for this 10 ON 10 Offer for Just Small Task to Achieve On this Reward for ₹1000 INR Worth. This New Contest Duration Time Till 9th Feb to 18th Feb 2022.

CoinDCX From India’s best Safest Crypto Exchange App is here. We are proud to announce that we are now, trusted by 1 crore+ Indians and we felt this is a milestone to be celebrated with you! How to Invest Now following Below Complete Steps:

CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer
Invest Now (Daily)Reward Prizes
Day 1 (9th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘BTC
Day 2 (10th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘ETH
Day 3 (11th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘MATIC
Day 4 (12th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘SOL
Day 5 (13th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘DOT
Day 6 (14th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘LTC
Day 7 (15th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘LUNA
Day 8 (16th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘BTTC
Day 9 (17th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘ADA
Day 10 (18th Feb)Free ₹100 ‘ONE

CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer – How to FREE ₹1000 Free Crypto Balance

Please Note: The 10 ON 10 Offer is applicable only for the user who hasn’t yet Transaction any time after 31st Dec 2021.

1. Firstly, Should Be Open Your CoinDCX App is Here

2. Enter Email Address & Password Via Login Your Account

3. Home Dashboard Section > Go-to Account TAB Option and Add to Fund

4. Add Fund Amount ₹550 Everyday for Next Days (9th 18th Feb 22) Don’t worry you can take all this amount back to your bank.

5. Using Payment Method is Mobikwik Via \ Bank Account Via complete the transaction for deposit

6. Done It. Successfully Deposit Fund and Then Next to Purchase Crypto

7. Invest Now, Buy any coin Balance worth ₹550 every day. You will get the following rewards after the end of the contest period 9th to 18th Feb 2022.

8. Go-to Price TAB Section > Buy BTC Tokens Worth ₹550 Minimum and Done It.

9. Repeat Same Process for Next 10 Days (9th to 18th Feb 22) then Eligible this 10 On 10 Offer.

10. After the end of the contest, You Will Get a Different Crypto Balance Worth ₹100 INR every day. (Total Balance Rs.1000 INR Credited)

11. You Can Sell All this ₹5500 (invested money) + ₹1000 (Reward Prize) = ₹6500 In Your Bank Account.

CoinDCX 10 ON 10 Offer

Bonus Tips: All Crypto Reward Balance for Sell So Simple just Go-to Coin and Sell Token and After All total balance sell to main balance, amount withdraw to bank a/c.

Rules –

  • Users will be eligible for only 1 reward per day
  • Users will be eligible to receive a maximum of ₹1000 worth of crypto rewards containing 10 crypto tokens of ₹100 each

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