Chupa Chups Gaming Contest – Play & Win Amazon Vouchers Rs.2000

Chupa Chups Gaming Contest – How to Play Games and Win Free Amazon Vouchers Worth Rs.500 Or Rs.1000 Instantly Now. For Simple Game Just You Can Just Fun for Everyone Play Games Below Stand Chance & Stand Chance to Win Amazon Pay Vouchers Worth Rs.2000 In Your Account. Don’t Forget Amazon Pay balance Transfer to a bank account.

TheChupa Chups Gaming Studio Presents for New Latest Play Games for Scan QR Codes to Redirect Gaming Website to Choose You games up to 5 for Easy Winning and No Any Paying Single AMount Now. Just How to participate and Play Win Rs.500 Or Rs.1000 Amazon Vouchers.

Chupa Chups Gaming Contest

Entrants can follow the 2 routes as below for the purpose of participation in this Contest through two routes as detailed below and T&C Apply – See Below. Contest & Offer Valid Till 28th Feb 2022.

Now, Available for More Games Like a Jar Games, Candy AR Snake Games, Treasure Ar Island, and Non-Ar Games for Candy Runner, Candy Connect Now.

Chupa Chups Gaming Contest – Scan to Play & Win Rs.2000 Amazon Vouchers

1. Visit The Chupa Chups Gaming Studio Website From To Link Here

2. Open This Gaming Website on Your Default Browser Now

3. How Can Participate in CHUPA CHUPS Games for Scan to Play And Win Gaming Contest Stand a Chance to Win Amazon Vouchers

4. Scan the QR code printed on the pack of Chupa Chups

5. Click the creative/image/visual/etc. on digital/social media promoted by Chupa Chups AND/OR

6. Directly Visiting the site (or any sub-domains/pages of without scanning the QR code printed on the pack of Chupa Chups.

7. Further, upon reaching the aforementioned Site or any of its sub-domains/pages which host the Game(s), the Entrant can choose from upto 5 games (upto 3 Augmented Reality and upto 2 non-Augmented Reality).

8. You Can Easy Play Games and Win Stand a Chance to Amazon Pay Balance Vouchers Now.

9. Every Month top 10 winners per game will be chosen on the basis of the scores achieved in the gaming. The selection is a skill-based activity and there is no element of lucky draw/draw of lots or any other random method, for the selection of the winners.

10. You Can Achieve Rewards for Top 10 winners per game (basis game play score) every month win shopping vouchers worth Rs. 2000 each / Rs. 500 each Now.


  1. Chupa Chups Scan Play And Win Gaming Contest (“Contest”) is organized by Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd, having its registered office address at 47th Milestone, Delhi – Jaipur Highway, Village – Manesar, Gurugram – 122050, India (“PVMI”).
  2. Eligible individuals (defined below) may enter between 0001 hrs India Standard Time (“IST”) on 10th Oct 2021 and 11:59:59 PM IST on 28th Feb 2022 (“Entry Period”) on (the “Site”).
  3. Entries received in accordance with these terms in the Contest shall be evaluated by the gaming platform on the basis of the individual scores of the Participant.
  4. By participating in this Contest, you agree that any and all personally identifiable information that you provide may be used by PVMI for the purpose of this Contest.
  5. Note : Number of games available on the aforementioned Site or any of its sub-domains/pages is upto the sole discretion of PVMI. The Site’s clock will be the official timekeeper for this Contest. Entries to the Contest must be submitted and received by PVMI during the Entry Period through the Site and all participation must be in strict accordance with the instructions and restrictions on the Site and in these Terms.
  6. For purposes of this Contest, only Entries that are actually received and recorded through the Site on the related servers during the Entry Period will be considered. Other proof of submitting or attempting to submit an Entry (such as, without limitation, a printed, saved or copied automated receipt confirming entry does not constitute proof of actual receipt of the Entry for purposes of this Contest.
  7. Those who do not abide by these Terms and the instructions of PVMI and provide all required information may, in PVMI’s sole discretion, be disqualified. Entries (or participation that does not qualify as an “Entry”) that are incomplete, lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, fraudulent, illegitimate, incomprehensible, garbled, or generated by a macro, bot, or other automated means will not be accepted and will be void.
  8. No Released Party will have any responsibility or liability for any dispute regarding any Entrant, including the identity of any Group(s) or Individual(s), or the distribution of any Prize received. In the event that any dispute regarding an Entry, cannot be resolved to PVMI’s satisfaction, the Entry will be deemed ineligible and will further be disqualified.
  9. As a condition of participating in the Contest, without limiting any other provision in these Terms, each entrant gives consent for PVMI and its agents to obtain and deliver his/her name, address, and other information and Entry to third parties for the purpose of administering this Contest and complying with applicable laws, regulations, and rules.
  10. The PVMI shall not retain or use any of your personally identifiable information, including the one submitted in the Entry in any manner, whatsoever, after 180 days from 28th Feb 2022.
  11. If a participant has been declared as a winner once (during the context period) for any of the games hosed on the site (or any sub-domains/pages of via route 1 (detailed below), the same participant will not be declared a winner again/the-2nd time for any of the games.
  12. If a participant has been declared as a winner once (during the context period) for any of the games hosed on the site (or any sub-domains/pages of via route 2 (detailed below), the same participant will not be declared a winner again/the-2nd time for any of the games.
  13. Participation in this Contest constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, these Terms and the decisions of PVMI, which are final and binding in all matters.

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