Britannia Marie Gold Contest – Win 1 Gram Gold Coin every hour!

Britannia Marie Gold Contest – Britannia Marie Gold Lot Number , Britannia Marie Gold Batch Code for How to Purchase Britannia Marie Gold/Britannia Vita Marie Gold 300g pack Stand a Chance to Win 1 Gram Gold Coin every hour! Scratch in-side packet and use the Lot Number send on your Number via to win a rewards prize 1 Gram Gold Coins every hour! The Contest was valid from 20-12-2021 to 04-02-2021.

How to participate in this new contest from Britannia Marie Gold by powred by present and give a chance to winning gold coins. Latest launching this Britannia Marie Gold and Britannia Vita Marie Gold 300g pack. this packet is available for LOT Number Or Batch Codes and Don’t worry guys we will send all Britannia Marie Gold LOT NUMBER / BATCH CODE

Britannia Marie Gold Contest

Britannia Marie Gold Contest – Win 1 Gram Gold Coin every hour!

1. Firstly, Go-to Visit Your Nearest Offline / Online Store

2. Buy any promotional pack of Britannia Marie Gold/Britannia Vita Marie Gold 300g pack during the Contest Period

3. Please Checkout Packaging After Buying Biscuits Packet: Win a 1 Gram Gold Coin Every Hour

4. Scratch Rapper Packet, Find The Lot Number Or Batch number mentioned on the pack. Skip 1, 2, 3 Steps Using Trick Without Buy & Use Leaked Code

5. Send a message SMS: BRIT <Space> Batch No. to 8367283672. Please note that standard SMS rates apply.

SMS: BRIT <Space> LOT No. To 8367283672

Note: Coming Soon Lot Number / Batch Code and During the validity of the contest, one winner will be selected each hour between 9am to 6pm for 1 gram gold coin (“Prize”)

6. Done Successfully! Sending Your SMS and Instant Receive On Successful validation of code consumers will receive the success message on their number

7. You are Lucky Winners Stand a Chance to win 1 Gram Gold Coins Every hour and you can check for offer validity and detailed terms & conditions, kindly visit

8. During the validity of the Contest, every Hour of a Business day, 1 winner will be shortlisted by Qwikcilver Solutions (Agency) basis on the of participation (valid entries) in the program.

9. Participation shall be considered to be complete only after all criteria are met. The participants shall have to provide their details and also valid documents for verification.

Contest Details, Concept and Participation:

1. Consumers participating or seeking to participate in the Contest shall individually be referred to as “Participant” and collectively as “Participants”.

2. The terms and conditions contained herein (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to the Contest.

3. The contest is valid only in the States of Jharkhand, Orissa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, India (“Territory”).

4. The Contest shall be valid from_hours on 20th December 2021 and will be effective upto hours 4th February (both days included). (hereinafter referred as “Contest Period”).

5. During the validity of the contest, a total of 9 winners will be selected every day on each business hour i.e. one winner will be selected every hour between 9 am till and 6 pm. Hence, a total of 9 winners will be selected each day.

6. Only entries coming between 9 am till 6pm shall be considered as valid entries and all or any entry coming after 6 pm and/or before 9 am, will not be considered as valid entries.

7. During the period of the contest, a maximum total of 405 winners will be selected for the 1 (One) gram 24 Carat Gold Coin (“Prize”).

8. If, for any reasons whatsoever, a selected winner is either not able to provide the requisite documents or, the Company or its agency is unable to reach after three attempts, the Prize will be deemed to be forfeited and the Company may decide its disposal at its own will.

9. For the purpose of this contest and winner selection, One day shall mean a Business day consisting 9 hours starting from 9 am and till 6 pm and hour means each hour of the Business day only.

10. All IPR rights including trademark, copy right and designs used are the property of their respective owners.

11. The Contest is subject to all applicable central, state, and local laws and regulations.

12. The Prize under this offer is subject to fulfilling the requirements and or terms and conditions of the contest which are mentioned herein.

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