Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer – Atta, Dal, Chawal Free for Pre-Booking

Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer – New Back Again New Latest Bazaar Offer for MahaBachat and Get Started from 9th August to 15 August 2021. But Still get Start Pre Booked Gift Vouchers Get Rs.3000 and Free Products for Atta, Dal Aur Chawal Now. You Can Use this Tricks Big Bazaar Free Delivery At Home 🏠

Now, This Is Eligible for big bazaar-free products with only one Pre-Booking before 8th August 2021. We will grab these exclusive 3 items in your daily kitchen below:

Pre-Book Now During Mahabachat for Free Products Before 8th August to now pre-booking @ of ₹3000 shopping and use the e-Voucher. Add to cart and proceed to pay ₹3000 and instant received vouchers.

  • 5kg Aashirvaad Atta
  • 1kg Daawat Rozana Basmati Rice
  • 1kg Toor Dal Free

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Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer

Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer – Atta, Dal, Aur Chawal Free Only On Pre-Booking

Step 1: Visit The Pre Booking Page to Link Here:-

Step 2: Click on Add to this Cart > Gift Vouchers Shop @ ₹3000

Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer

Step 3: Continue to Checkout Page

Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Offer

Step 5: Enter Your Mobile Number & Verify With OTP

Step 6: Next Pay this amount of ₹3000 and select the payment method using any

Step 7: Done Successfully! Your Complete Payment and We Will Instant Receive e-Voucher ok Your Mobile Number

Step 8: Redeemed with a total value of ₹3000 upon paying at big bazaar stores or on app/website

Step 9: Free 5kg Atta, 1kg Dal and 1kg Chawal for 100% Free on shipping get ₹3000 for the Big Bazaar maha bachat offer.

Point Noted: Free Products eligible for Big Bazaar maha bachat offer on redemption of e-Voucher only for 7th August to 15th August 2021 (maha bachat redemption period)

Terms and Conditions –

1. Future Retail Limited (Company) is coming up with Big Bazaar pre-booking Mahabachat e-voucher(“MEV”) scheme, the same will be issued from 31st July 2021 to 8th August 2021 (“Issuance Period”)

2. Redemption of the said Voucher (MEV) will be allowed only from 7th August to 31st August 2021 (“Redemption Period”)

3. Customers will be eligible for Mahabachat offer of 5kg Atta, 1kg Dal and 1 kg Chawal (Free Products) on redemption of MEV only from 7th August to 15th August 2021 (Mahabachat Redemption Period).

5. MEV shall be available for purchase to Customers on or on (websites/app) during the issuance period only.
MEV will also be available for purchase at Big Bazaar (stores) during the issuance period.

6. Customer will receive e-voucher (MEV) on Customers mobile no. with a total value of Rs.3000 upon paying Rs. 3000 /- at stores or on app/ website.

7. Customers will be eligible for the Mahabachat offer of ‘Atta, Dal aur Chawal Free’ only when they purchase the MEV during the issuance period and redeem the same during Mahabachat redemption period, as mentioned above.

8. Customer to ensure that the mobile number shared for voucher issuance is accurate and the voucher will be issued only on the mobile number shared by the customer during billing/ voucher booking.

9. The company will not be responsible in any way for any losses due to inaccurate mobile numbers given by customers during booking/ billing.

10. MEV has to be redeemed in full. Partial redemption is not allowed. MEV cannot be exchanged for Cash or Cheque. MEV cannot be revalidated once expired.

11. MEV is not valid on the purchase of Baby Food and Cigarettes. Quantity restrictions apply on the purchase of oil, ghee, and sugar during Mahabachat and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the company.

12. MEV can be redeemed at Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar & Hypercity stores only.

13. No other offer can be clubbed together while redeeming the MEV Cash Refund / Credit Notes will not be allowed for the transaction in which MEV is redeemed

14. This voucher (MEV) is equivalent to a bearer tender. Once redeemed the same cannot be reused under any circumstance.

15. MEV is valid for redemption till 31st August 2021 after which the un-used MEV will lapse and cannot be used. However, the Free Products will not be issued for the redemption of MEV after 15th August 2021

16. Mahabachat – Atta, Dal aur Chawal Free offer terms and conditions for store/ apply for redemption of the MEV and this offer is valid till stocks last. Customers to refer to Mahabachat- Atta, Dal aur Chawal Free T&Cs for further details.

17. In case of any dispute, the decision of Future Retail Limited (Company) will be final & binding.

18. Litigation, if any, is subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai

19. Company reserves the right to modify or change any of the terms & conditions applicable to this offer at any time or suspend the offer completely

20. The company reserves the right to disqualify any person/ voucher from the benefits of the offer if any fraudulent activity is identified

21. For more details, kindly contact the store Customer Service Desk or the Big Bazaar Call Centre on 1800 266 2255 or email at [email protected]

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