HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply Now – Get Cashback, Earn points, benefits

How to Apply for HDFC Bank Credit Card – HDFC Bank Credit Card , HDFC Bank Credit Card Features , HDFC Bank CC Apply now, and get amazing benefits and exclusive rewards, cashback, earn points and etc all the details below and apply now for HDFC Bank Credit Card is Money Back, Infina, Regalia, Money Back Plus + Cards. 

HDFC Bank offers a wide variety of credit cards with competitive interest rates on each of its products. Enjoy a huge list of exciting benefits and features on HDFC credit cards. You can select the right credit card to match your spending habits and lifestyle. 

The cards offer you rewards and discounts on shopping, online shopping and fund transfers, complimentary air tickets, cashback and much more.

Choose the right HDFC Credit Card and make purchases more rewarding. Welcome benefits up to $5000, Fuel Surcharge Waiver, Cashbacks up to 5%, Complimentary airport lounge access. 

Apply HDFC Bank Credit Card


  • Interest-free credit
  • Great travel benefits
  • Complementary insurance
  • Reward points
  • Improve your credit score


  • Age group: 21 – 65 years
  • Monthly Income: Rs. 15,000+
  • Employment type: Salaried and Self Employed
  • New to Bank as well as existing to the Bank
  • Preference: Carded

How To Applying HDFC Bank Credit Card – Get Cashback, Earn points, benefits

1. First Of All, Visit the link for Apply Now Hdfc Bank Credit Card

2. HDFC Bank Credit Card to apply for a Credit Card and are recommended for HDFC Bank Credit Card

3. Ask your customer to check their eligibility by clicking on the link

4. If your customer is eligible for the card, the application link will be sent to their mobile number via SMS

5. Customer can start their application journey on the HDFC Bank Credit Card website by clicking on the link.

6. In the first step, they will have to complete their phone number validation through OTP.

7. Once OTP is verified, do a real-time PAN Card validation

8. After PAN validation, either digital Aadhaar validation or upload the Aadhaar Card to complete KYC

9. Next, the customer has to give the KYC consent to HDFC Bank and complete eKYC through virtual ID or Aadhaar number

10. After OTP validation, the prefilled demographic details needs to be checked and confirmed

11. On the Address confirmation page, if the Aadhaar address is the customer’s Permanent address and not the Current address, a mandatory Self Declaration is shown. In such cases, not upload or submit physical address proof. The self-declaration will not be shown if the Aadhaar address is current Resident / Both / None

12. Official email ID needs to be mandatorily filled by salaried users. This field is not mandatory for Self-Employed.

13. Note: When salaried employment type is selected, the company name should be filled in. When a Self-employed employment type is selected, the Firm name should be filled

14. Once all details are filled, the customer’s profile will go through the Bureau Eligibility check.

15. If the customer is not eligible as per Bureau then users has to verify the income statement and move to income based criteria

16. Once the customer has completed income validation, they will see the offer page where they have to select the card of their choice to apply

17. Enter the office address and card delivery address

18. On the next page, keep the setting as it is for “Do you have a relationship with any Director or Senior Officer of HDFC Bank” and “Where you are assisted by a Bank Employee”

19. Next, the customer has to complete the Document Upload required to process the Credit Card. Make sure income documents are uploaded by the customer if the eligibility was given basis salary/annual income

20. The following documents can be uploaded- a)Salaried Users – Last 6 months bank statement where salary gets credited/latest 3 months salary slip b)Self-employed Users – last 3 years ITR with Computation of Income c)Card for Card Customer Eligibility – Last 3 Months other bank credit card statements. The same can be uploaded in the payslip option of the income proof category.

21. KYC documents need not be uploaded. KYC will be accepted only via vKYC or Physical KYC

22. Terms & Conditions and vKYC consent will be taken on the next screen and will be redirected to the vKYC page. Please note that the customer gets to complete vKYC in 72 hours (Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm)

23. Complete vKYC within 72 hours and are not eligible for vKYC will be contacted by the bank for physical verification.

24. You Will Get After Card Approved, Confirmation SMS Received by Dispatch Your Cards

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