Amazon Prime Referral Code – Flat 60% Cashback + Refer & Earn

Amazon Prime Referral Code – Amazon Prime Refer and Earn Offer , Amazon Refer Prime & Earn for Get Flat 50% + 10% Cashback Instant. You Can Join Amazon Prime Youth Offer and Get Flat ₹60% Cashback in your Amazon Pay Balance. Invite your 18 – 24 year’s old friends to prime and earn together.

How to Need Amazon Prime then you can go is the best time active this prime plans and 60% Cashback pay balance and your Amazon pay balance transfer to Bank account instant. Amazon Prime Refer and Earn to 15 days extra your prime days extended expire days. 

Refer only one friend at a time. Click on ‘Refer Prime’ again for each friend. Now, let’s new programs from Amazon prime refer and earn and first joining this program and you will earn 15-day prime and your friends 60% Cashback.

Hi! Use my referral code to get 60% off on Amazon Prime membership and enjoy unlimited free fast delivery, videos, music, gaming & more! and Amazon Prime Youth Offer – Join Prime At ₹499 Year (50% Cashback)

Amazon Prime Referral Code
Monthly (@ ₹179)₹90 + Extra ₹18
3 Month (@ ₹459)₹230 + Extra ₹46
1 Year (@ ₹1499)₹750 + Extra ₹150

Amazon Prime Referral Code – Flat 60% Cashback + Refer & Earn

1. Firstly, Download Amazon App from GPlay Store to Link Here

2. Installing / Open it Now / Login You’re Amazon Account

3. Visit The Link To Direct Gooing on Amazon Prime Refer and Earn Offer Page

4. Click on Refer Prime on your friends, Family for Each friend and Get Flat 50% + 10% Extra Cashback Instant

Amazon Prime Referral Code

5. Refer your 18 – 24-year-old friends and family to join prime

6. Your friends click on the referral link for you can join Prime Youth Offer and verify his/her age

7. Use Referral Code – 5hYTP2I

8. You Will Earn an Extra 15 Days of Prime as per referral and your friends earn 50% youth offer cashback + extra 10% cashback as referral Rewards.


1. What is the Prime referral program?

The Prime referral program allows Prime members to refer Prime to friends. If you are a Prime member who joined via Youth offer you can refer your 18-24 year old friends to join Prime . Both you and your friend earn rewards for joining Prime using your referral code.

2. Who can I refer as part of this program?

Currently, the program is only open for 18-24 year old Prime members who joined via the Prime Youth Offer. Both you and your friend have to be in the 18-24 year age group to avail the referral reward. Your friend should not currently be or have been an Amazon Prime member in the past.

3. What do I get when a friend joins using my referral code?

Your Prime membership gets extended by 15 extra days for every friend that joins Prime using your referral code and verifies their age with Amazon.

4. How many extra days can I get on my Prime membership through referrals?

You can get an unlimited number of extra days on your Prime membership through referrals. For each friend that joins Prime using your referral code and successfully verifies his/her age, you will get 15 extra days of Prime.

5. What does my friend get?

Your friend gets 60% off on their Amazon Prime membership; 50% as part of the Youth Offer and an extra 10% as a one-time referral reward. The offer value varies by the paid Prime plan opted by your friend.

Plan your Friend joins Cashback your friend gets:

  • 50% (Youth Offer) + Extra 10% (Referral Reward)
  • Monthly (@ ₹179) ₹90 + Extra ₹18
  • 3 Month (@ ₹459) ₹230 + Extra ₹46
  • 1 Year (@ ₹1499) ₹750 + Extra ₹150

6. How do I refer a friend?

Just click on the Refer Prime button above and send a message to your friend using any of the apps listed. Ensure that you select only one friend after clicking Refer Prime. If you want to refer more friends, click Refer Prime each time to refer a new friend.

7. Is there a specific referral code assigned to me?

There is no specific referral code assigned to you. There is a new and unique code generated for every friend that you want to refer. Hence, it is important that you do not send the same referral code to more than one friend, but generate a new code for each friend by clicking on the Refer Prime button each time.

8. What happens if I share the same code with more than one friend?

The friend who clicks on your referral link/code first will be assigned the referral code. Any other friend who tries to use the same referral link/code will get an error message, and you will have to send him/her a fresh referral code.

9. When will I get my reward?

Once your friend joins Prime using your referral link/code, he/she will have 15 days to verify their age with Amazon. Upon its successful completion, both of you will get your respective referral rewards within 48 hrs.

10. How many friends can I refer?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer Prime to. Just make sure that they are in the 18-24 year age group and you send a different referral code to each one.

11. Can I get extra days of Prime if my membership has expired?

No. You get extra days of Prime only if you have an active Prime membership when the friend you referred joins Prime and verifies his/her age. Once your Prime membership expires, you will not get any extra days of Prime if your friend joins Prime using your referral code. You will also not be able to refer any friends if you don’t have an active Prime membership.

12. Is there an expiry date for the referral code?

No, there is no expiry date for the referral code. Once your friend clicks on the referral link/code that you’ve sent him/her, they can join Prime at any time in the future, verify their age and you will both earn the referral reward.

13. How do I track the status of my referrals and referral rewards?

Every time a friend you’ve referred joins Prime and successfully verifies his/her age, you will receive an e-mail and app notification confirming your reward (extra 15 days of Prime). You can visit the Referrals section on the Prime page on Amazon at any point in time, click on the Referral Rewards tab and see the status of your referrals and the rewards that you have earned.

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