5ROI Global Referral Code “fKajse” – FREE $40 SBULL Tokens + $8/Refer

5ROI Global Referral Code ” fKajse “ – 5 ROI Global Referral Code , New 5ROI Global Airdrop ,5ROI Global FREE Tokens ,5ROI Global Refer and Earn Offer for Get 140,000,000 SBULL Tokens Sign Up Bonus (INR ₹1500) + 5ROI Refer and Earn Offer 28,000,000 SBULL Tokens (INR ₹350) You Have Must Applied 5ROI Referral Code and Earn Crypto Tokens and Valid till limited time this 5ROI Global Airdrop Loot Offer.

For Easy to Withdrawal to your bank account Instant from other Crypto Exchanges app just like a Sun Crypto App, WAZRIX, CoinDCX, and Etc all the Crypto Tokens exchange app available send tokens and withdrawal now.

How to get Register 5ROI New Account and Use 5ROI Global Token Referral Code and Free140,000,000 SBULL Tokens (Rs.1500) and Your friend for Each Referral28,000,000 SBULL Tokens (Rs.350) is waiting for you at 5ROI GLOBAL, come and register! https://www.5roi.com/j/1mAA

Download the 5ROI Global app today Connect to a world-class financial platform login your same account and just deposit the amount and buy crypto first and then Sell your all tokens and given to free tokens collect with all thoseyou will get three types of tokens to receive name SHG Tokens, ROI Tokens & TRX Tokens

5ROI Global Referral Code
5ROI Referral CodefKajse
Sign Up BonusFREE 140,000,000 SBULL Tokens
Refer & EarnFREE28,000,000 SBULL Tokens
WithdrawBank Account
Indirectly Referral7,000,000 SBULL
AppDownload Now
RegistrationLink Here

5ROI SuperBull Token AirdropProgram for FREE SBULL Token

5ROI Global Referral Code

5ROI Global together with our partner SuperBull officially launched the SBULL Token Airdrop program with extremely attractive rewards, details are as follow: Click The Link to 5ROI Global Airdrop from Registration Page Here

1. Time: From January 20th, 2022, to February 20th, 2022.

2. Participants: All prospective and current users of 5ROI Global.

3. Event content: The first 1 million members participating will share the bonus fund with the following tasks:

  • New registration: 140,000,000 SBULL.
  • Directly refer friends to participate in trading at 5ROI Global: 28,000,000 SBULL/referral.
  • Indirectly refer friends to participate in trading at 5ROI Global: 7,000,000 SBULL/referral.

4. Allocation time:

  • The system will allocate SBULL Token up to 3 days after completing the task successfully.
  • The received SBULL will be locked and unlocked after 90 days since the account successfully made any spot trade on 5ROI Global.

5. Rules:

  • The system will allocate SBULL Token according to the principle: Eligible members to participate in the program will be distributed first SBULL Token.
  • Eligible members to participate in the program coming after the system distributes all SBULL Token bonus funds will not receive the reward.

6: Note

  • The system will give priority to the member who completes the task first.
  • Members who successfully register, refer friends to participate at 5ROI Global from January 20th, 2022 will also be recorded by the system.

5ROI Global Referral Code “fKajse” – FREE 140,000,000 SBULL Token

1. Firstly, Click The Link to 5ROI Global Airdrop from Registration Page Here

2. Open this website from in your default Mobile browser and Get Sign Up Now

5ROI Global Referral Code

3. Enter Basic Details: Your Email, Password, Send Verification Code, and Must Be Enter 5ROI Global Referral Code

5ROI Global Referral Code – fKajse

5ROI Global Referral Code

4. After Applying Referral Code We Will Get ₹1000 Sign Up Bonus for the first deposit and sell your tokens

5. Now, Get Click on Sign Up Button and Complete your sign up process to next Download The 5ROI App from GPlay Store here

5ROI Global Referral Code

6. Installing 5ROI App and Open it Now and Go-to MY BALANCE TAB Section and Login You Creating Account

5ROI Global Referral Code

7. Enter Your Same Email Address With Password and Login Successful Account 

8. Home Dashboard Section to Click on Me Profile Option from the upper side

9. Go-to Authentication Option and Next Steps to KYC Verification to Complete Account

10. Select Your Lv2 Advanced KYC Verification and Upload Your Aadhar Card Image, Take A Self Picture

5ROI Global Referral Code

11. Next White Paper to Write a Your Name, 5ROI Global, Today Date and then a snap image to Upload it and submit now.

12. After Submitting your details we will wait sometimes 2 to 4 working days to verify your account with full advance KYC. 

13. Congratulations 👏 and Access your all those features and first deposit 200 TRX Token from Any Crypto App via CoinDCX, Sun Crypto, Wazrix

14. Sell your TRX Token pair and Then buy LTC and Withdraw the LTC in CoinDCX, Sun Crypto

15. You will be eligible for SBUL Airdrop and Get 140,000,000 SBULL Tokens Worth ₹1500 in your 5ROI GLOBAL Wallet Tokens

140,000,000 SBULL = ₹1500 INR

16. Earn More Wallet Balance for You can refer your friends and earn 28,000,000 SBULL is Each Referral

17. This Referral Offer for Duration time from 20th January 2022 to 20th February 2022.

18. You can check your balance from the wallet menu and you will get three types of tokens to receive name SHG Tokens, ROI Tokens & TRX Tokens

19. After Available Balance then Sell Your Tokens instantly and withdraw in a bank account

20. Invite a Friend to Get $5 for Each Successful Referral With KYC Verified

How to Withdraw 5ROI Tokens To Bank Account

1. You are available balance for All 5ROI Tokens unlocked and after checking out now

2. Go to 5ROI then check your tokens wallet balance And My Wallet Tab Section and go-to trade option

3. Select 5ROI / USDT Pair and Click on Sell Option for 5ROI Available Tokens

4. Sell Your All Tokens and buy TRX Tokens using for USDT Wallet balance

5. Now, Withdrawal your TRX Token from any Crypto app on of my favorite app Sun Crypto send to another Crypto map to withdraw direct balance to bank a/c

5ROI Refer and Earn Offer – Get Up to 50% Commission Immediately

1. Home Dashboard Section on your mobile app browser

2. Go-to Your ME Option from Upper Side

3. Click on Invention Option

4. Share your Invite Or Referral Link On Your Every Friend

4. Your Friends Sign Up and Verified KYC FULL Level 2

5. You Will Get140,000,000 SBULL = ₹1500 INR Instant for Each Successful Referral

Note: Airdrop Special to Free SBULL TOkens and But Normal Offer 50% Commission and Please check yours before signing up 5ROI Airdrop offer.

5ROI Global would like to announce the policy of referring friends to participate in trading on the platform, immediately receiving a commission of up to 50%, details are as follows, Let’s invite friends to join right here. The commission bonus is calculated according to the table below:

LevelAmount of people invitedBonuses from direct inviteesBonuses from indirect invitees
Level 1125% 10%
Level 21030%  10%
Level 310035% 10%
Level 41,00040% 10%
Level 55,00045% 10%
Level 620,00050% 10%

For Example Referrer A is at level 2 and invited 10 people to open an account. The transaction fee from those 10 people is 20$ >> A will receive a 30% commission equivalent to 6 USDT. In those 10 people, there is B, B invites 2 people to successfully open accounts, the transaction fee of those 2 people is 10 USDT, then A will receive an additional 10% of 1 USDT. So, A’s total reward is 7 USDT.

Terms and conditions:

  • Valid referrals are counted when a friend successfully opens an account via the link or scans the QR Code from the referrer.
  • Invalid cases will be specifically notified by 5ROI Global.
  • For further support, please contact [email protected].

For investors, trading digital assets are not just an opportunity but also a challenge with the potential outstanding return. Users are encouraged to carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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