5 Stars Everywhere Contest – FREE Cadbury 5STAR bars worth Rs.560

5 Stars Everywhere Contest – 5 Stars Everywhere Offer , 5 Stars Everywhere Free Rewards Prizes for you can participate in the simple task and win the rewards prizes. Select all the 5stars from the grid images and You’ve won rewards. This 5 Stars Everywhere Contest Offer Duration Period is from 18th November to 30th December 2022.

Enter your details to WIN rewards worth up to Rs 75000. We’d like to thank every app on the planet for advertising 5 Star for free.

Just help us choose which ‘five stars’ to hijack next. And if you’re lucky, you could win rewards prizes, We’re doing nothing with that money anyway.

before the timer runs out. Select minimum 10 right images to win, and remember every wrong image selected has a negative marking (Hint – Some ‘five Stars’ may be hard to spot.) Start Game And who knows, some of them might inspire our next campaign

How to Participate in the 5 Stars Everywhere Contest For FREE Rewards Prizes up to Rs 75000

1. First Of All, Visit the link here: www.5starseverywhere.com

2. Click on the link and participate in the contest and win rewards worth up to Rs 75000

3. Enter Your Mobile Number, Tick 2 Boxes T&C, and Click on Submit Button

5 Stars Everywhere Contest

4. Please Enter the OTP received on your mobile device and verify it now

5. Enter your Name, Email Address and Click on Submit Button and the next screen

6. There are 2 challenges – Captcha Challenge and Bonus Challenge for the easy task now.

7. 1st Captcha Challenge: ‘Select all 5 Stars from the grid below, before the challenge to play you can look at the below Keep all the 5-star images in your mind

5 Stars Everywhere Contest
Please Remember Image

8. This is a timer-based challenge wherein the Participant must select all images displaying 5 Stars, before the timer runs out.

5 Stars Everywhere Contest

9. Select a minimum of 10 right images to win rewards : Only select 5 start images and Some ‘five Stars’ may be hard to spot

9. On selection of each correct image, Participant will be entitled to get 1 point and on selection of incorrect image 1 point will be deducted from the total score for each incorrect image.

10. The Winners of the challenge will be selected on the highest scores and they will be entitled to receive the Prize won ₹560 worth of Goodies.

5 Stars Everywhere Contest

11. 2nd Bonus Challenge: Upon participation in Captcha Challenge, to participate in the Bonus Challenge, the Participant shall spot 5 stars in unique places in real world and upload pictures on the website.

12. Up to 3 eligible winners will be entitled to win the Prize for Bonus Challenge.

13. The Participants agrees that Mondelez will be solely entitled to select the images basis the creativity, quality of image, uniqueness and best 5 stars identified.

14. There are maximum of up to 1000 Prizes for Captcha Challenge (“Captcha Winners”) and maximum of 3 Prizes for the Bonus Challenge

5 Stars Everywhere Contest
ScoreReward Prizes
10-14 pointsCan be redeemed for the purchase of Cadbury 5STAR bars worth INR 560
15-17 pointscan be redeemed for purchase of Star Shaped Cushions worth INR 750 and/or Cadbury 5STAR bars worth INR 560
18-20 pointscan be redeemed for purchase of Star Shaped Cushions worth INR 750 and/or Cadbury 5STAR bars worth INR 560 and/or a relaxing chair worth INR 22339
21 right pointsshall be redeemed for purchase of 5 Star rated air conditioner worth INR 61990 and/or Star Shaped Cushions worth INR 750 and/or Cadbury 5STAR bars worth INR 560 and/or relaxing chair (maximum 2 number) each worth INR 22339,

Terms & Conditions –

This Campaign will commence from 00:01 a.m. 18/11/2022 and end at 11:59 p.m. on 30/12/2022 (“Campaign Period”).

Any entries before or after the Campaign Period will not be considered. We reserve our right to cancel/modify/extend the Campaign Period or the T&Cs applicable to this Campaign without giving any prior notice to You.

No claims/questions shall be entertained in this regard.

Full T&C: here

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